Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Over, and.... Out!

Well fellow blog readers, the time has come where I have to announce that this post, will be the final post on my Lemonade with Livi blog. This blog has been so much fun, but with the exciting way my life will be headed in just one week, I think it's time to move on to something a little sweeter

From now on you can keep up with my story, as not only mine, but ours.

Thats right Ladies and Gents, 
We are ecstatic that it is so close, and cannot wait to share our new life with you on OUR new blog. 
Woohoo! We have a blog! Whats our new blog you ask?

 Orange Juice
{Wanna check it out? Just click on it!}

I know, I know, I just can't stay away from the juices. But how could I resist?! 
You put our first initials together, O+J, and PRESTO! You get Orange Juice!
Too perfect!

Thank you so much for all of your support, and for following me on my journey. It's been an amazing one. From finding lemons and turning them into lemonade, to moving to Idaho, to unexpectedly falling in love with my best friend, to waiting for him while he served his mission, and now to being sealed to him for time and all eternity. 

I. Can. Not. Wait.

I hope you will continue to follow us as we move on to something that will be MUCH sweeter and will continue on our journey with us, not just as one, but as two! 

Over and out ladies and gents, 
it's been a great ride.
........and THAT'S the LAST sip, of Livi's Lemonade........... :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So, there's this boy..

And I've kind of mentioned him a lot over the last year and 8 months....
He's got brown hair,
Brown eyes,
A wonderful smile,
And a VERY big heart.

When standing next to him I hit his shoulder,
He's been there for me whenever I've needed him.
He recently got back from Minnesota,
Where he spent 24 months serving a full time mission,
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

He's been my best friend for four wonderful years,
We've helped each other through our lightest and darkest days,
He knows just how to make me laugh,
and always makes me feel like the luckiest and most incredible person in the world.

At just the thought of him,
I catch myself smiling,
My stomach flutters,
and my heart bursts with delight.

My heart was his the second we met,
So in return, I'm stealing his last name.
Because in reality, eternity without HIM,
would just be a long time...

Save the date Ladies and Gents,
Because Jacob and Livi are FINALLY

getting hitched.

And I'm just so darn excited, I can't stand it!
.................. and THAT'S a sip of Livi's Lemonade! :)

{proposal story to come SHORTLY, I promise}

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new room for me!

Once upon a time I made a quilt right after finishing high school, that was red, black, and white/cream. It was fabric that had pictures on it from the children's book "Olivia the Pig". 

I absolutely fell in love with it, especially considering how much time went in to making it, and it became my bedspread for college. 

Well after just one semester the Lord had a different plan for me and I was back in my humble abode. Everything in my room became those three colors and and before I knew it, my room felt super duper depressing to me. (Side note about myself. I really don't like the color back, which was key to this color combination) Even though my quilt was so cute, it just didn't really brighten up the room, and it definitely did not go with the sage green walls.

Well this weekend we got new carpet upstairs!!! It was a complete hassle. Just look at it. I had to completely move everything out of my room and put it in my bathroom... crazy. Haha. 

In the process of getting carpet, I tried to explain to my mom how much I did not like my room, and tried to convince her to put her office in my room, and my room in her office. And that of course, failed. But after describing exactly WHY I did not like my room, we decided it was time for a make over. So that night we went to TJ Max, and Bed Bath and Beyond, and could not find any bedspread that we liked that was within my price range. I was crushed. But with one last hope we went to Target to see what we could find. As we walked down the bedding isle I couldn't find anything. As I came down the sheet isle something caught my eye and I fell in love, only problem was it was a sheet. Bummer. But then the best thing happened. As took a closer look at it, I realized it was a duvet cover! And I have a comforter so I was SO excited because I absolutely LOVED it! Then I was immediately all smiles. 

In my room I have a head board that is basically just foam and is covered in a piece of fabric so you can changed it when ever you want to! So that was the next challenge. To find a fabric that went with the bed spread. We went to JoAnn's fabric capita of the world and could not find... anything. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and once agin, could not find anything. And just like the day before, with one last hope we went over to Fabric Mill. We searched and searched and there was nothing that I liked. Just as we were about to give up and go home out of the corner of my eye, I SAW it. We pulled it out and my Mom, I could tell, didn't like it. But when we went to get it cut out she realized why I loved it. And after some ironing and stapling, I absolutely LOVE my room!!!! It is absolutely perfect and it cheers up your mood the minute you walk in the door! See for yourself! :)

I purposely positioned it on the diagonal so that right when you walk in, the brightness is all you see and you're immediately happy!

Another thing I didn't like about my room before is the fact that my bed was located on a wall that is the only wall that the air conditioning does not flow to. Being the room upstairs, and in the corner of the house, you can see as to why this would be a problem. There were many sleepless nights because I was SO hot. Well now my bed is placed right where the air blows to and last night was a dream.

Now excuse me while I go ahead and go to bed. Sweet dreams!........... and THAT'S a sip of Livi's Lemonade! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm happy :)

Sorry guys, can I just take a minute out of your day and tell you how WONDERFUL life is!? :)

I mean LOOK at this cute little face!

I haven't been over to their house for almost a month now. {crazy!} And today I wasn't there for very long, but when it came time to leave, Taya said, "You can't weave yet! You haven't payed wiff me, and I wewwy missed you!" With the absolute CUTEST puppy dog face you've ever seen in your life! 
So I couldn't resist, and I stayed a few minutes more and left with the usual blowing of kisses and "see you aigators(alligators)"! 
Oh how happy I am to be back. :) 
I'm never leaving again! Haha. It truly is amazing to look back at the timing of everything and where the Lord has led me. Nannying for these girls had absolutely made my life. It's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 
I'm so grateful for it! :) 
This weekend I'm going to go on trek with their family and I am SO excited. I've never been before, and what better way then to go with Karen, Jason, and the girls! I seriously have not stopped smiling since I woke up this morning because I knew I would be going over to their house. :)
 Life is absolutely wonderful! I truly hope you are all feeling the same. After all, it's SUMMER TIME!!! :) And I have a feeling that this is going to be the greatest summer ever.. well... for more reasons other than the fact that I'm nannying again... ;) haha. 

Only, I'm not waiting any longer... it's finally here! :)

..............and THAT'S a sip of Livi's Lemonade! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I dimyself skirt.

So pinterest kind of stresses me out. In result I only get on it about once every.... 5 weeks?

Well, with no job, and my little girls being out of town, there was a LOT of sitting around this week. Friday night I finally caved and found myself in a pool of pins. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the perfect maxi dress and/or skirt and have not found one ANYWHERE!!!
Major dilemma.
Well, in my in my pindings (get it, pin-findings, pindings?)
I found a pattern for a maxi dress! So what did I do? Saturday night I went to good ol' Joann's and found a fabric that I liked and...
I made it!
The pattern actually is supposed to be a dress, but I decided to make a skirt, that way I could wear multiple tops with it :)
How much did it all cost??
Well, the shirts, I could have already had, so I'm not going to count those.
The quiet inner shopaholic in me wanted to buy a new shirt. New clothes can boost anyone's confidence, I don't care who you are! haha.
I bought 2 yards of fabric, originally priced at 12.99 a yard.
BUT it was 40% of and then I had an additional 50% of coupon.
And had I gone on a Tuesday, I would've been able to use the 10% senior discount because one of my dear ones qualifies for that, but alas I was an eager beaver and wanted to wear the skirt to church!
So ladies and gents this skirt cost a woppin' 7.79!
(plus tax... and purchasing some elastic for 1.29)
But still!
WAY cheaper
(and definitely cuter)
than I could have bought at any store!
But YOU be the judge,

Whaddya think?? 

Just call me a DIY , or I guess DIM (did it myself) NINJA!
In fact it's time to make another wreath! :) I'm thinking red, white and blue.
But thats nothing new.
Those three colors have been on my mind since the end of January!
(If ya know what I mean...)

If any of you want the link to the pattern... click here.

Or if you would like help in making one the same style I did, (mine is a smidgen different than hers. Like the ruffle above the elastic instead of the band, and how I did not attach a top to the skirt, I did 2 yards instead of two lengths the size of my waist, etc.) I will gladly help you anytime!
I'm pretty much free once I get back from Park City this coming Saturday until July!
Oooohhh July is going to be a wonderful month!

Do you guys ever have those moments where you just sit back and realized, MAN my life is good?? Yeah. those are great moments... :) And it's funny. I've found that usually the only time I have those moments is when my life is in line with the Lords. :) It's wonderful :) The church is true! Hope you're all having a wonderful sabbath! I got to wear my new skirt, it was a Mission President/his family's farewell in sacrament today, (Farewell Mullen's! We'll miss you!), my little buddy in primary told me I was beautiful once again in primary, and now we're headed up to Park City for the week! :)

Today is wonderful... :)

But then again, when you're in the right mind set, 
what day ISN'T wonderful. :)

Okay you're probably sick of my ADD-ness. I've switched topics multiple times in this post...
I'll end your misery.
I'm done rambling.
Until next time! :) :)
................ and THAT'S a sip of Livi's Lemonade!!! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kids say the Darndest things part dos.

So this weekend we went down to my Nieces and Nephew's dance concert in St George and it didn't get over until 10 o'clock last night. My sister needed to be home to sing in church this morning so we got in the car right after it was over and got home about 2 o'clock this morning. We have 9 o'clock church... ha ha. Lets just say, it was semi hard to wake up this morning to get to church. But I am SO glad I did.
Here is why:

Today in primary, I was sitting by the same boy that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Once again he was being a bit rowdy so I put my arm around him to keep from turning around. We were having singing time and were in the process of singing about being with our families forever and loving and honoring our family. He then grabbed my hand that was attached the the arm that was around him, and kissed it and then turned to me and said, "You're my sister huh! When we go to Heaven we're all going to be one big family and you're going to be my sister!" I then said, "You're right! And you'll be my brother!" Then he hugged me and said, "I'm excited for that, I love you". {Insert my melting heart} Is He not the SWEETEST!?

THEN when we were in class, we talked about things we treasured, and that we need to treasure the scriptures, our families, the stories of Jesus, the blessings of being baptized, etc. We had a little project that  entailed them cutting out a treasure chest and then also the jewels that had things we need to treasure, and they put the jewels in the chest once it was complete. Half way through them starting the project, he looked up to me with a big smile on his face and said, "You're one of my treasures.". Yup, my heart was pretty much complete goo by this point. I love that little boy!

I'm SO grateful for my calling! A little while back I wasn't so sure because I wanted to be in Relief Society learning things every week instead of being the teacher. But little did I know I would learn way more than I thought I would be from these little kids every week. They are the cutest. I love being around their sweet little spirits and learning about the "gospitle" and the "Conmandnaments" every week. Once again, Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need and when we need it. :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous Sunday! :)................... and THAT'S a sip of Livi's Lemonade! :)